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PLANET POLITICS: Haunted Houses for Senate

From the inbox of a political reporter, glimpses of press releases that usually go ignored: stunts, over-the-top quotes, and bizarre story pitches.  This occasional blog series is meant to show the level of dialogue on Planet Politics: NextGen Climate Colorado has made a point of staging elaborate displays in its effort to help Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) win re-election this year. With Halloween around the corner, the group thought it could get attention by building a "haunted house" on the Auraria campus in Denver: The House of Deception gives young voters a look at Gardner’s harmful and deceptive stances and voting history before they cast their ballots this fall. In the lead-up to Election Day, Coloradans will have the chance to check out Cory Gardner’s House of Deception as it makes stops around the Front Range, including University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Denver, and Colorado State University. “Though it’s almost Halloween, nothing should scare youn