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How Twitter (not a President) could start World War III

I work in TV news, an industry that gets a lot of crap (much of it deserved) for ginning up fear to attract attention. And yet, we seemed to have mostly moved on after something that really is  worth being terrified about. This week we got a legitimately horrifying look at perhaps one of the dumber ways the world could end. Not with a bang, but with a... Well... This: Now: The president's personal twitter account @realDonaldTrump appears to be gone. Both on phone & desktop. #9news — Brandon Rittiman (@BrandonRittiman) November 2, 2017 In all, this lasted 11 minutes of our Thursday, briefly sparking all kinds of theories which varied depending on peoples' politics: "I bet the liberals who run Twitter are trying to censor him!" "Did he actually delete his account? Oh what a wonderful world it'll be now!" I wish it was one of those things. I really do. Because the truth-- at least as Twitter tells