Behind the scenes in Iowa

This is my first time covering the Iowa caucuses in person, and it's been a pretty incredible experience so far.

Here's what it looks like from where I stand for TV live shots.
For now, we're all reading the tea leaves and trying to keep up with what candidates are saying during the final push.

The caucuses begin at 7pm Iowa time and we should have first results an hour and a half after that.

Behind the scenes, Iowa has an other-worldly feel to it at the moment.

For one, there's no escaping the campaign ads here. Candidates and PACs have covered the airwaves with their messages, trying to win over caucus-goers.

Likewise, Des Moines is flooded with members of the news media. We are not alone here.

There are so many journalists gathered at the convention center, it takes special tools to do voice work.

In some ways, it's been a lot like being at the Olympic games.

For one, there's sort of a little village built by Google.

And we've run into other journalists from all over the world. When we left the convention center late Monday night, a German radio reporter was chatting away into his headset.

A conservative blogger joked "guess it's morning drive in Dusseldorf!"

I imagine caucus day itself will bring some fun memories of its own.

It's going to be a scramble!