A week after theater shooting, political ads to resume in Colo.

As of now, Colorado is the only swing state where you can turn on the TV without being bombarded by political ads. That's about to change.

They've been suspended in the wake of Friday's mass murder in Aurora.

The calm won't last long. Both major presidential campaigns plan to resume ads this weekend.

According to 9NEWS General Manager Mark Cornetta, the Obama campaign plans to start airing TV ads again on Saturday. Romney's ads will resume Sunday.

Political groups have also suspended ads, but some are planning to start back up.

"Crossroads GPS" and "American Crossroads" will go back on the air Friday.

As of this post, Cornetta says the Republican National Committee and the pro-Obama SuperPAC "Priorities USA" both remain off the air until further notice.

"Restore Our Future," the pro-Romney SuperPAC, was not advertising at the time of the theater shooting, but does plan to run ads next week.